Auto Magic Ceramic Magic Spray - 45

  • Delivers a rich, crystal clear, reflective finish
  • Extremely hydrophobic - repels water with incredible beading
  • Resistance to UV and chemical exposure
  • Provides a durable shine that will last months
  • Easy to apply wipe on/wipe off

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Ceramic Magic is a Si02 Ceramic, spray-on formula which is safe on allexterior surfaces.  Cermaic magic spray bonds to painted surfaces, providing a high gloss, water-resistant and extremely durable finish.


  • Shake product well.  Vehicle should be cool, properly cleaned and free of surface contaminants.
  • Working one panel at a time (3'x3' sections), lightly mist a small amount of product onto the surface.
  • Wipe product into the painted surface
  • Allow to slightly blush, then buff to a high gloss with a second clean, DRY towel.

Note: The haze will be minimal, as this product is a spray ceramic, not a traditioanl polymer or carnauba spray.  To avoid streaking or high spots, do not let product dry on surface. Do not use in direct sunlight.

BrandAuto Magic
TypeCeramic Coating
WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to