Auto Scents Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Kit

  • Generates an ultra pure Chlorine Dioxide (99.9% Pure)
  • Perfect for auto dealers and automotive service centers
  • Disinfects against viruses, mold & mildew, germs, fungi, bacteria and hundreds more
  • Only takes 10 minutes

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CLO2 Treatement is a system that generates an ultra pure Chlorine Dioxide liquid, that sanitizes, disinfects and removes odors.  It is environmentally friendly and easy to use.  When used as directed CLO2 will generate Chlorine Dioxide, a proven and effective disinfectant against viruses such as Corona-virus, Hepatitis A, HIV-1, Vaccinia Virus, H1N1, Infuenza-A, and many others.

Alway wear protective gear, mask, safety glasses and gloves!

BrandAuto Scents
TypeDisinfectant/Sanitizer, Odor Eliminator
WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to