Nano Skin Disinfecting Cleaner HPFG

  • One-Step Disinfecting Cleaner
  • Hydrogen peroxide Food Grade
  • Kills Microorganisms on Fabric
  • Meets Current CDC Guidelines for Cleaning COVID-19
  • Bleach-Free
  • Available in 5 different sizes from 32 oz to 55 gallon drums

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IDEAL FOR USE IN: *Athletic facilities *Commercial kitchens *Day care facilities *Offices *Restrooms *Schools *Automotive

NANOSKIN Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade) Disinfecting Cleaner is a much safer cleaner than bleach and other disinfectants.  Our 100% biodegradable formula is safe around people and pets. It can be used as a normal or high-level disinfectant, as well as a sterilizer for homes, personal property, and commercial settings such as schools, in-hospital rooms, and equipment. It effectively cleans most surfaces and is useful in disinfecting large areas and the fogging of rooms. Published reports from the CDC ascribe good germicidal activity to hydrogen peroxide and attest to its bactericidal, virucidal, sporicidal, and fungicidal properties.


When not in use, keep bottle sealed and store in a cool place to maintain product strength and effectiveness. Always test fabric for color stability by spraying the product in an inconspicuous area first. If there is any change do not use this product.

General Cleaning

Spray, wet, or fog the surface of affected areas with the product. Depending on the weather, and humidity, let it dwell for 5 - 7 minutes and then wipe clean. No rinsing is needed. Repeat if necessary for heavily soiled areas. Allow the product to penetrate the dirt before wiping.

To Clean & Disinfect Hard, Nonporous Surfaces

Spray 6 - 8 inches from surface until surface is thoroughly wet. Allow 5 - 7 minutes of dwell time then wipe. Rinse with potable water for food-contact surfaces. For other surfaces, no rinsing is required.

To Sanitize Soft Surfaces:

Spray 6 - 8 inches from the surface until fabric is wet. DO NOT OVERSATURATE. Allow to air-dry. Always spot test in an inconspicuous small area for 1st time use.

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