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EZ Scrub Bug Block

Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Industries
  • Specially Designed Honey Comb Material
  • Carries an Abundance of Soap and Water
  • Safely Scrub Away Stubborn Bugs, Bird Droppings and Other Contaminants
  • Will Not Harm the Clear Coat
  • Tough for Longer, Efficient Use
  • Easily Rinses Clean
SKU: HT-1261
Part #: 1261
Fargo - In Stock
Sioux Falls - In Stock

Product Description

The Ez Scrub Bug Block is just what you need to remove stubborn bug and bird poop from your vehicle. Take the block soak it in soapy water until lis softens. Add some bug remover if needed to the sponge and start srubbing. The block will confirm to the shape of your grill getting your vehicle as clean as possible. This also works great removing scuff marks on the paint, kick panels or door panles. For stubborn scuffs use some fine grit compound and gently rub.

WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to

Technical Details

Type Bug Removal
Length 4 inch(es)
Width 6 inch(es)
Height 6 inch(es)
Weight 1 lb(s)