Auto Magic Headlight Restoration Kit

  • Restores clarity up to 5X faster saving time and money
  • 30% Less sanding versus other restoration kits
  • Ultra-fast 3-4 minute cure in UV light or sunlight
  • Kit includes all the materials and supplies
  • Available in 1 car/2 headlight kit or 12 cars / 24 headlights kit - no special tools required
  • Leaves a long-lasting protective coating
  • Backed by a 3-year guarantee

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Auto Magic Headlight Restoration System works quickly to remove light to medioum scratches, discoloration, dirt and grime from vehicle headlight lenses, leaving them with a like-new appearance.  This versatile product can also be used on plastic, Plexiglas, acrylic and boat windshields.  This sytem will resotre faded and yellowed headlights to a like new appearance.


Tape surrounding areas of the headlight to prevent damage from sanding.  Start the sanding process with 600 grit wet sandpaper until the oxidized surface layer is removed.  Clean with a cloth and sand the surface again with 1500 grit wet sandpaper until the surface of the plastic substrate is smooth.  Wipe the headlight thoroughly with lens dryer and clean with lint-free towel to make sure it is dry.  Pour the sealant into the provided tray and then dip sponge (included in the kit).  When applying the sealant use a 50/50 overlap with even strokes from side to side (avoid applying the sealant under direct sunlight).  Wait one minute for the sealant to level and flatten.  Pull the vehicle into the sunlight or use a UV-LED light to cure.  Allow 3-5 minutes for complete cure with UV-LED Light or 10-15 minutes with sunlight.  Time varies depending on lighting conditions.  Remove tape and wipe excess product from surrounding areas with Auto Magic's Lens Dryer.

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