Jade Jet - Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating - 12oz Bottle

  • Picture of Jade Jet - Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating  - 12oz Bottle
  • Picture of Jade Jet - Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating  - 12oz Bottle
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  • Forms an invisible shield that defends your painted surfaces - protection from rain, UV rays, dirt and grime, road salt, corrosion, and environmental fallout
  • Includes UV tracer technology illuminates under UV light so there is never a missed spot
  • Suitable for any and all surfaces, paint, plastic, glass, wheels, vinyl
  • Astounding strength and durability - 3 year warranty
  • Replace waxing and sealing - more hydrophobic than wax and has longer lasting protection
  • Benefits of traditional ceramic coating but is easier and quicker to apply
  • Leaves a deep, mirror-like shine on your paint - surfaces will be easy to keep clean because Jet repels contaminants
  • Longer flash time than on Jade Obsidian or Jade Graphene making for an easier installation
  • 12 oz bottle with spray head
  • 3 year warranty

Jade Jet Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating is a user-friendly and highly effective solution for maintaining and enhancing your vehicle's appearance. This cutting-edge spray coating offers unparalleled protection and a stunning finish for your car, all while being remarkably easy to apply. Known for its incredible strength and durability, graphene forms a resilient barrier that safeguards your vehicle's surfaces against the elements, chemicals, physical abrasion, and UV radiation. This advanced coating not only protects your car but also imparts a hydrophobic, smooth, and high-gloss finish, elevating its overall aesthetic.

A distinguishing feature of Jade Jet Graphene Ceramic Coating Lite is the incorporation of a UV tracer in its formulation. This innovative element simplifies the installation process, enabling you to see the applied areas under UV light. This guarantees even coverage and prevents any spots from being overlooked, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

Moreover, Jade Jet Graphene Ceramic Coating Lite can be registered on Carfax, providing car owners with an added advantage. By documenting the application of this high-quality ceramic coating on your vehicle's Carfax report, you can effectively boost its resale value. Potential buyers will appreciate the meticulous care and protection bestowed upon your vehicle, leading to a higher selling price and a smoother sales process.

With proper maintenance, Jade Jet Graphene Ceramic Coating Lite offers a 3-year warranty, giving you peace of mind in the longevity of your investment. This extended warranty reflects the product's outstanding durability, ensuring that your vehicle remains protected and looks stunning for years to come.

In summary, Jade Jet Graphene Ceramic Coating Lite is a revolutionary product that combines the power of graphene technology, the convenience of a UV tracer, Carfax registration for added value, and an impressive 3-year warranty. Its superb protective abilities, long-lasting performance, and striking visual results make it the perfect choice for professional car detailers and discerning car enthusiasts.

Invest in Jade Jet Graphene Ceramic Coating Lite to not only elevate your vehicle's appearance but also preserve its value for years to come. Experience the unparalleled protection, unmatched shine, and the confidence that comes from using this industry-leading ceramic coating on your prized possession.

Primary Uses:

  • Protective top coat for your vehicle's surfaces, defending against weather, chemicals, physical abrasion, and UV rays. Its hydrophobic properties repel water, dirt, and other contaminants, ensuring your car stays clean and looking its best for longer. This versatile graphene ceramic spray coating can be applied as a stand-alone protection or as a top coat over a more durable base protection.

Why Choose Jade Jet - Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating

  • Beginner-friendly: Jade Jet is designed for ease of use, making it the perfect entry-level option for those new to ceramic coatings.
  • UV tracer technology: UV tracer illuminates under UV light so there is never a missed spot. The tracer dispates after application.
  • Enhanced protection: The reduced graphene-oxide modification provides a strong, hydrophobic layer that defends your vehicle against various forms of damage
  • Long-lasting: Once applied, Jade Jet will provide protection for up to 3 years with proper maintance, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.
  • Glossy finish: Jade Jet leaves an ultra-smooth and glossy top coat, enhancing your vehicle's appearance
  • Versatility: This spray coating can be used as a stand-alone protection or as a top coat over an existing base layer
  • Easy application: Jade Jet's spray-on formula simplifies the application process, saving time and effort

Product Longevity:

  • Jade Jet Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating is designed to provide 3 years of long-lasting protection for your vehicle when properly maintained

Directions for Use:

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your vehicle, removing any dirt or contaminants from the surface.
  2. If necessary, use a clay bar or similar product to remove any remaining contaminants and prepare the surface for coating
  3. Shake the Jade Jet bottle well before use.
  4. Spray a small amount onto an applicator pad
  5.  Wipe the product onto the paint allowing the surface to be fully covered
    • This is where the UV tracer earns it pay. Use a UV flashlight to ensure total coverage of the area
  6. Allow the coating to flash. 
    • The product will look like a rainbow on the surface
  7. Buff to a high shine with another clean microfiber towel.
  8. Allow 4 hours cure before exposure to rain/snow/sleet or water


  • Wash your vehicle with Jade Detox Shampoo every 3-4 months
  • Use Jade Relay once every month or two after washing. Regular use of this product will make sure your coating lasts well beyond the 3 year lifetime

Best Practices and Aftercare

  • Avoid washing your vehicle for at least 4 hours after application to allow the coating to cure properly
  • Use pH-neutral car wash products to maintain the integrity of the coating
  • Regularly inspect the coated surfaces for signs of wear and reapply as needed

Jade Jet - Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating offers an unbeatable combination of protection, ease of use, and stunning visual results. Its beginner-friendly formula and versatile application make it the ideal choice for car enthusiasts and professional detailers alike. Experience the future of vehicle care with Jade Jet.

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