Lake Country HDO CCS Orange Foam Polishing Pad - 6.5" Face - Single Pad

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Part #: HDO-23650-CCS
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  • A great one-step pad that can be used for light compounding as well as polishing, leaving a flawless finish.
  • CCS Technology offers additional cooling and improved control
  • Designed to offer a durable foam pad specifically for long-throw (15mm and 21mm) dual action polishers
  • Pad Specifications: Pad Face: 6.5 Inch
  • Pad Backing: 6 Inch Hook & Loop
  • Backing Plate Needed: 6 Inch

The Orange HDO Pad is a great one-step pad! You can use it for polishing all the way up to light compounding while still achieving a flawless finish.

The addition of Lake Country's CCS technology to their line of HDO Pads makes them run even smoother and cooler on your long-throw dual action polisher. The strategic pattern of closed cell pockets slows the rate of polish absorption into the pad. This reduces surface tension, which prevents pad skipping and allows you to run the pad flat and cool on the working surface.

HDO Pads are designed to offer a durable foam pad option for long-throw (15mm and 21mm) dual action polishers. The dual layer design feature incorporates the benefits and concepts of both thick and thin pads, as well as the advantages of a tapered profile and exact fit style pads. All these features help create a user-friendly experience with impressive results while offering performance benefits to the operator.
  • Dual Layer - This design reduces lateral/horizontal movement, resulting in a reduction of molecular friction inside the pad which increases durability by eliminating excessive heat and reducing foam fatigue.
  • Tapered Edge - Prevents pad rolling and provides great pad rotation. Great for curved or contoured panels. Allows for precision polishing in tight areas.
  • Center Ventilated Cooling Chamber - Dissipates heat away from the center of the pad, reducing temperatures and increasing durability. The system allows for perfect pad alignment.
  • Stay Cool - HDO Pads block heat transfer between layers and offer the same benefits of a thin pad (maximizing the power of the polisher by reducing foam movement or "absorption"). Along with the benefits of a thin pad, the design and shape offer proper weight and weight distribution for maximum performance.
  • Shape and Design - Offers proper pressure distribution like an exact fit pad, but shape/profile offers the precision and safety of a tapered pad.
When you are looking for the best pad for long-throw (15mm and 21mm) dual action polishers, look no further than Lake Country HDO Pads with their CCS technology!

Brand Lake Country Manufacturing
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