Lake Country Buffing Pad Washer

Lake Country Buffing Pad Washer

  • Cleans and dries used polishing pads
  • 9 separate buffer powered agitaor wheels
  • Teeth massage the pad to release the wax and polish

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Part #: 90-2000P
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  • Versatile and Durable – Cleans both foam and wool pads. Cleans most sizes and thickinesses of pads
  • Portable – Self-contained; making it easy to move to your work station
  • Save Money – Regular cleaning extends the useful life of pads

Product Description

The System 2000 Pad Washer is a completely enclosed pad washing system that cleans and dries used polishing pads. The system 2000 consists of 9 separate agitator wheels powered by the buffer. Each wheel has teeth that massage the pad to release polishes and waxes from the pad as it orbits on the buffer.

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