Magna Shine Ceramakote Protective Ceramic Coating

  • Lasts 3-5 years
  • 9H hardness
  • Creates a deep gloss finish
  • Protects paint against elements and UV rays

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Magna Shine Ceramakote Protective Ceramic Coating

Hi-Tech Industries, Inc. introduces Magna Shine Ceramakote™! This revolutionary formula is a clear, nanomolecular crystalline coating that protects your vehicle from the elements and harmful UV rays.  This advanced hydrophobic formula will repel water, street film, brake dust, dirt and other contaminants from your vehicles’ treated surfaces. This cutting-edge surface protection kit is pioneering the science behind next-generation protective automotive coatings.  Ceramakotes’ 2.4 micron, “9H” formula, is designed to apply-easily, create a deep-gloss finish, and provide your automotive paint, wheels and other non-porous trim with the ultimate protective coating.  Unlike standard waxes and paint sealants, Ceramakotes’ longevity is measured in years, not months

WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to