P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo - Gallon

  • Picture of P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo - Gallon
  • Picture of P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo - Gallon
  • Picture of P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo - Gallon
  • Picture of P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo - Gallon
  • Picture of P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo - Gallon
  • Picture of P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo - Gallon
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  • Eco-Friendly: Features biodegradable and natural solvents for a safe, natural solution to heavy duty cleaning and degreasing
  • Concentrated Formula: May be used full strength on tough applications, or easily diluted with water for lighter cleaning applications
  • Versatile Cleaner: Works on a variety of surfaces beyond just car interiors
  • Residue-Free: Leaves surfaces clean without sticky leftovers
  • Professional Strength: Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks
  • User-Friendly: Simple application and easy to rinse away foreign particles and stains that most cleaners leave behind

P&S Detail Products Pearl Auto Shampoo is an eco-friendly and versatile car wash solution crafted for both personal and professional use. It's designed to clean vehicles effectively without harming the environment or the car's finish. The primary application is for washing vehicle exteriors, but it can also be used for other washable surfaces requiring a gentle, pH-balanced approach.

Alternate Uses:

  • Beyond car exteriors, Pearl Auto Shampoo is suitable for cleaning a variety of washable surfaces, such as motorcycles, boats, and even outdoor furniture, making it a multipurpose cleaner for all your washable items

Advantages Over Other Products:

  • P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo is an earth-friendly product that offers a high dilution ratio, making it a cost-effective option. Its hydro compatibility means it can be used with foam cannons or pressure sprayers, providing versatility in application methods
  • The fresh lemon fragrance enhances the washing experience, and its slick formula ensures extreme lubrication for the safe removal of dirt and contaminants

Longevity After Application:

  • Pearl Auto Shampoo is designed to clean effectively; however, it does not leave behind a protective layer that endures over time. It's formulated for the wash process rather than for lasting protection

Step-by-Step Usage Guide:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the vehicle is in a shaded area to prevent premature drying
  2. Dilution: Use 1 oz (two capfuls) per gallon of water. Adjust depending on the level of foam desired and method of application
  3. Pre-Rinse: Rinse the vehicle thoroughly to remove loose dirt and debris
  4. Application: Apply the diluted solution by hand or with a foam cannon, covering the entire vehicle
  5. Wash: Scrub the vehicle with a soft wash pad or mitt, working from top to bottom
  6. Rinse: Rinse the vehicle thoroughly, ensuring all soap is washed away
  7. Dry: Dry the vehicle with a clean, soft drying towel or microfiber cloth

Finish and Residues:

  • Pearl Auto Shampoo leaves a clean and streak-free finish without any residue, ensuring the vehicle's paint is left looking spotless and bright

Best Practices:

  • Always work in the shade to avoid the soap drying on the surface, which could lead to water spots
  • Use separate wash mitts for the body and wheels to prevent cross-contamination
  • Maintain the recommended dilution ratio for effective cleaning without waste
  • Regularly rinse the wash mitt or pad during the washing process to prevent scratching

Dilution Ratios:

  • Recommended optimal dilution ratio is between 80:1 to 1280:1 with water, depending on cleaning needs and application method

Safety Information:

  • Pearl Auto Shampoo is environmentally friendly and safe for hand washing
  • It is pH balanced and 100% biodegradable
  • Even with its gentle formula, it's advisable to use gloves if you have sensitive skin
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight

Brand P&S Detail Products
Weight 10 lb(s)
WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more info go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov