ReadyLIFT Forged Torsion Key Unloading Tools

  • Safely raises trucks 1.5 to 2.5 inches
  • Does not "over crank" torsion bar
  • Designed to grab the “FLAT” of the torsion bar for a tighter, sturdier fit
  • CNC machined adjuster bolt pockets and 10.9 grade metric hardware
  • Allows for proper bolt seating, ensuring an accurate and safe adjustment
  • ReadyLIFT torsion keys are forged, making them 25% stronger than OEM
  • Primed to last the life of your vehicle.

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Every truck with a torsion bar front suspension requires a unique torsion key unloading tool and nothing beats ReadyLifts Professional Grade Torsion Key Removal Tool.

Made from forged hardened steel, this tool makes removing and installing torsion keys safe and easier, allowing for adjustment or replacement of Ford, Dodge, GM and Hummer torsion keys in as little as 15 minutes per truck. The forged and hardened steel used in the construction of this tool is the strongest and safest on the market and is okay for use with air tools.

Can be used with other makes and models of trucks with torsion keys. What makes the tool unique is this kit comes with a crossmember adapter tool which helps position the tool on some models with difficult torsion key crossmembers. Most tools will slip and become very dangerous during the loading process. The ReadyLIFT Forged Torsion Key Unloading Toolhas been rigorously tested and will work safely and easily.

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