Renegade Metal Polishing Compound Rouge - Alumi-Cut T-88

  • Picture of Renegade Metal Polishing Compound Rouge - Alumi-Cut T-88
  • Picture of Renegade Metal Polishing Compound Rouge - Alumi-Cut T-88
Part #: CBST88-MBAR
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  • Recommended for aluminum metals
  • t-88 brown tripoli rouge is often used as the first step in polishing aluminum
  • It is paired with the Renegade orange airway buffing wheel #RG-FAW9X3X5/8N2-16P86OT
  • Run your tool at an RPM of 3000-3500
  • Creates a cloudy surface to a fairly bright reflection

Renegade Products is the premier manufacturer of polishing compounds that are robust in quality due to our use of premium raw materials. We do not use cheap fillers in our polishing compounds like other manufacturers that prioritize profit over bar quality. 

How do I prep for polishing?

Prepping is almost entirely all about sanding. We recommend starting with 180 grit for most wheels and stepping forward to 220 grit, and finishing with 400 grit sanding disks. Most polishing, for aluminum, can be polished well after prepping with 400 grit—finer grits are not usually necessary before polishing with tripoli compound.

Two points to keep in mind that as an alternative to sanding discs one of most popular products is the buff and blend prep discs. Most users will not need green buff and blend discs as those are often used more for concrete wheels. The blue buff and blend disc can help remove dirt, grime, and rust from a wheel to provide a clean surface to begin polishing with compound. We do recommend hitting an aluminum wheel with our maroon satin airway prior to going to polish with tripoli compound as the blue buff and blend disc may leave some hash marks that won't come out without a finer sanding of 400 grit or the maroon airway.

What are the steps for polishing aluminum?

Tripoli compounds such as our T-88 Tripoli should be used for initial cutting and buffing, with the aim of removing more apparent scratches and blemishes during metal restoration on aluminum. It is the first step on on polishing aluminum and is paired with our orange airway buffing wheels. It is not used on stainless for polishing. 

Our G-16 Green rouge is often used as the second step in polishing aluminum. It is paired with our yellow airway buffing wheel. This should produce a fantastic clean shine.

We offer two compounds specifically meant for finishing —blue rouge and the purple polishing compound. Both represent a show finish and we recommend that you pair either one of these final show finishing compounds with a white flannel buffing wheel. Keep in mind many of our polishers are quite happy with the two-step process outlined above and leave show polishes only to their most cherished pieces.

Lastly, our Q36 Illudium metal polishing compound is a true one-step solution for both cutting and coloring aluminum and stainless steel. It effectively and quickly removes surface imperfections, orange peel, and scratches while leaving a high-gloss finish. Its unique formula ensures a consistent and even finish, without leaving any residue or swirl marks. This compound is perfect for achieving a professional-grade shine on aluminum surfaces. Q36 is also a true silica free cut & color compound designed to allow for a fast and stable cut as well as a brilliant final finish on metal in most situations.

Q36 Illudium works best with a medium stiff airway buffing wheel such as our Pink Mill Treated Airway Buff at 3500 RPM. Proper raking of the buffing wheel prior to and during the metal polishing process will allow for an even cut and color rate to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the unique blend of polishing grains and binders found in this metal finishing bar.


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