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Truck Hardware

Truck Hardware Ltd. was started in 1990 by Darwin Earl, and originally operated as Innovative Creations International, or ICI Canada. ICI Canada started out as the exclusive distributor for Innovative Creations Inc's (ICI USA) products in Canada. To further meet customer needs, ICI Canada started distributing new product lines, and began to work with suppliers to produce their own line of products. This included the introduction of the Nerfboard - a combination nerf bar, running board. ICI Canada also introduced the Mr. Mudflap line of mudflaps, which later led to the introduction of the current, and extremely popular Gatorback Mudflap line.

In 2011, Innovative Creations International changed it's name to Truck Hardware to better reflect it's current position in the market place as a leading manufacturer of heavy duty mud flaps, and other truck accessories. Truck Hardware continues to distribute a number of product lines in Canada in an effort to provide our customers with a wide variety of quality truck accessories.

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