Lake Country System 4000D Pad Washer

  • Picture of Lake Country System 4000D Pad Washer
  • Picture of Lake Country System 4000D Pad Washer
  • Picture of Lake Country System 4000D Pad Washer
  • Picture of Lake Country System 4000D Pad Washer
  • Picture of Lake Country System 4000D Pad Washer
  • Picture of Lake Country System 4000D Pad Washer
SKU: LM-90-4000
Part #: 90-4000
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  • All in one pad cleaning system that works with polishers
  • User controlled pump & removable catch basin
  • Environmentally friendly
  • An improved handle that helps carry the bucket and balance the unit
  • Increased structure of the wash plate to improve durability and avoid flex or cracking
  • Modified open-top to decrease the quantity of water and solution from exiting the washer
  • Updated catch basin and pump seal tailored to prevent seal replacement with a new high-quality grommet seal.

Defeat Dirty Pads with System 4000 Pad Washer

Pad Washer Overview

Lake Country System 4000 featuring Pure Flo Technology, is a self-contained cleaning system that uses a user-controlled pump and a removable catch basin. Lake Country System 4000 is an all-in-one pad cleaning system that works with polishers as it pumps clean water/solution, while also containing the contaminated water separately. Environmentally friendly and easy-to-use, Lake Country System 4000 is great to clean pads at home, in the shop or on the go!

Lake Country System 4000 is an all-in-one system that cleans your pads in the most convenient way. This system is broken down into three parts. There is a user-controlled pump and removable catch basin. This means that there will be fresh water and cleaning solution being pumped to clean each pad, while at the same time containing the contaminated water in a separate area.

Not only does Lake Country System 4000 work with wool and foam pads, ranging from 3" to 7", but it also works with Random Orbital, DA and Rotary Polishers. It can also work with accessories such as bonnets, applicators and wash mitts.

Environmentally friendly, Lake Country System 4000 uses about 1.6 gallons of water, which is less water than other pad washer systems. Using the power of the polisher, agitate the pads to the top of the basin, so that you get fresh water and cleaning product, but the contaminated water will drain away into a separate basin.

Lake Country System 4000 is easy-to-use, no matter where you are. To use, fill the pail to the desired level with clean water. Add a packet of Snappy-Clean Boost powder and insert the dirty pad (that is attached to the polisher). Turn on the polisher to a very low speed while pressing down repeatedly on the wash plate. As you press, the pump will be activated, allowing for the cleaning solution move from the pail to the pad. Once again, you can use the polisher speed to agitate the pad and control the amount of cleaning product that goes into the pad. Don't worry about the dirty water! The contaminated water will drain to the catch basin, not the clean water and solution basin, which can be tossed away separately when it becomes full. Once you feel as though your pad is clean, amp up your polisher speed to create a spin-dry method of drying to complete the cleaning process.

-Life the cleaning assembly and catch basin out of the pail by pulling straight up on the blue bump out grips.
-Empty one packet of Snappy Clean Boost cleaning powder into the pail and fill with 1.6 gallons of water.
-Place the catch basin back into the pail until it sits snuggly.
-Attach pad to polisher and insert into pad washer.
-Before operating the polisher, push down on the wash plate several times until the pump pulls the cleaning solution up from the pail onto the wash plate.
-Run the polisher at a low speed setting and move the pad back and forth over the ridges on the wash plate with light pressure.
-Inspect the pad after 15 to 30 seconds and continue if necessary until the pad is cleaned sufficiently.
-Remember to pump the wash plate as needed to keep the pad wet with cleaning solution.

Brand Lake Country Manufacturing
Length 15 inch(es)
Width 15 inch(es)
Height 20 inch(es)
Weight 10 lb(s)
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